One of my long-running projects which still continues generating new and interesting images. About the illusion of space in images and what we make of the world.

Surface space #0072 (2009). Ultrachrome print on paper on dibond, 67 x 100 cm

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For over thirty years Michel Hoekstra has been taking what he describes as “the same three photographs”...

FREEZING THE WORLD is a spacious full colour art book (bilingual, Dutch/English) showing a selection of photographs and related works made from 1971 to 2016. The book is available in combination with an open edition high quality photo print of your choice.

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220 pages with 241 images. Printed on high quality silk paper, cloth binding with dustjacket


Even more than paintings, photographs allow us to question how we can and choose to see the world...

In SURFACE SPACES the perception of (non) physical space is studied. An endeavor concerning the real world and representations thereof.

Under development. To be published 2024


Distance can be helpful when experiencing the world. Sometimes.

In DISTANCE the meaning of remoteness is explored. Do things really become less clear when observed from afar? Does a person feel more close when seen point-blank?

Under development. To be published 2024