Special Edition (SE) prints are high quality photoprints that can be ordered online. The Special Edition of each photograph is limited to a certain number of copies (20 unless stated otherwise). Two Artist Proofs are made for each edition, for graphic quality control. Each SE print is signed on the back, numbered and accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The prints are mounted in a passepartout (PH neutral museum board) measuring 70 x 70 cm. Title, initials and year of creation are visible in handwriting at the front side as shown in the examples below. Image width is 51 cm. Image heights may vary, according to the source material. Most SE images are 34 cm high. SE prints have excess paper around the image for mounting. We do not offer framing. Below you see four different example frame colours for your information. Click an image for a larger view.

Availability SE Prints. All photographs in the collections Framing, Somewhere and Lightness are available as a SE print, unless stated otherwise. Some images in the collections Completed Projects and Works in Progress can also be obtained as a SE print. Please check the image of your choice for availability as a SE print by clicking the image in the collection overview page.

Please visit the order form for details on ordering, payment and shipping.


Gallery Edition prints are high quality limited edition prints offered to galleries and museums. These prints are made with various techniques, according to the intended end product and usually have larger image sizes. Gallery Editions are not available on this website.

Colour representation website
Please be advised that the print colours may differ slightly from this website due to limitations of colour rendering on the internet and computer screens.

Print quality
The SE print is a longlasting UltraChrome K3-print made on an Epson printer using Canson or Hahnemuhle Fine Arts (colour) or Baryta (black and white) paper. UltraChrome prints belong to the best modern printing technology can offer and keep their colours for a long period of time. Colourfastness however depends on lighting and storage conditions. Framing behind UV filtering glass is highly recommended. Photographs should never be exposed to direct sunlight or heating appliances.

For technical details on UltraChrome K3 and Hahnemuhle see the Wilhelm Research website.