Special Edition prints

Special Edition (SE) prints are high quality photoprints mounted in passepartout (frame not included) that can be ordered online. All photographs in the collections Framing, Somewhere and Lightness are available as a SE print, unless stated otherwise. Some images in the collections Completed Projects and Works in Progress can also be obtained as a SE print. Please check the image of your choice for availability as a SE print by clicking the image in the collection overviewpage.

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EUR 590 excl VAT

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Freezing the world

Freezing the world is a large sized full colour photobook showing a selection of photographs and related works made from 1971 to 2016. Printed on high quality silk paper. The book is available in combination with an open edition quality print of your choice (paper size 32 x 48 cm ) for a special prize. All photographs in the collections Framing, Somewhere and Lightness qualify for this offer.


Freezing the world. 30 x 30 cm, 220 pages, 240 images, hardcover, bound in cloth, with dustjacket. Special offer: photobook plus open edition print (signed, not numbered).
EUR 180 excl VAT
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